About Bethany

“In memory of the Pioneers of Bethany Church who lit the Lamp of Faith in this Community."

This phrase is inscribed on a plaque in the lobby of Bethany and sums up a great deal about our faith community’s from our past into our present. The Bethany Congregation has its roots in the mid 1800’s as a Methodist church in the Elora and Ponsonby Circuits. You can read more about the history of Bethany here.

The Bethany congregation is mainly rural, agricultural in its nature with its country location just south of Elora. It is not unusual for several generations of one family to be present at worship. We are a small community where we enjoy knowing one another by name. The congregation has seen its share of ups and downs in the past decades as younger people move away to post-secondary education outside the area. Recently, the countryside has become a place of re-birth for many young professional families looking to move from the urban areas and raise their families. The fellowship of our congregation seems to be the drawing card for many new members in their quest for spiritual growth. Our members equally represent all ages and come from a wide geographic area from Fergus to Elora and Guelph to Ariss.

Bethany has enhanced the worship services with guest musicians and Bethany members, shared services with Elora on special occasions, multimedia presentations for display, and increased communications both with regular newsletters and through our church website. We have a Children’s Choir and Men’s Choir on special occasions.

With the wide range of ages, Bethany has an abundance of talent and experiences to draw on in its quest for Spiritual growth. With the busy lives of the younger families, the participation over the year varies with their family schedules.  Even so, our Friends, Relative and Neighbours events always attract great turnouts.  These events include the U.C.W. Fall Ham Dinner, the Sunday School Christmas Concert, the Youth Talent Show, the Men’s Spring Breakfast and the Summer Sunday School Picnic. There is always a core attendance of the devoted at Bethany for every worship service.

Bethany’s commitment to service in the community and beyond has been through participation in the World Food Grains Bank, the Mission and Service Fund, Sudan Land Mine Clearing (Youth Group) and Action for Church Together for Children in Afghanistan (Youth Group).

Bethany is part of the the Elora-Bethany Pastoral Charge and is one part of a two-point charge with one full-time minister. The minister leads two services each Sunday: Bethany at 9:20 AM and Elora, 11:00 AM. If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact the church office located at the Elora United Church at 846-0122 or see you soon on Sunday at 9:20 AM. We are located at 6092 4th Line East at Side Road 10 in Centre Wellington Township.


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