Bethany History

Church Treasurers History

In 1853 reports indicated that various people collected for the Missionary Society and the amounts were recorded in pound sterling. The book presently in the custody of the present treasurer dates back to 1893 when treasurer Frank Martin reported collections to be about 50 dollars. In those days they collected "pew rents", borrowed money from individuals and paid interest and obtained money from the Epworth League and tea meetings. Such purchases as brooms at .30, wood at 3.00 per cord, coal at 6.50 a ton and lamps at .35 were recorded.

In 1911 the books appeared to be audited for the first time by Henry Martin and Spencer Hall.

In 1912 Henry Martin became treasurer and in 1919 treasurers were Vera Martin and Ernest Hall. In 1920 the first annual report were published ... and brooms are up to .40!

In 1923 Stanley Royce became treasurer and in 1924we received our first Fasken Trust cheque.

Around 1933 Gordon Bayne took over as treasurer and in 1936 the first hydro bill was $9.35 for the year.

In 1947 brooms went up to $1.60 and the women's organization started to buy the supplies for the church.

In 1949 Mrs. Hugh Wallace took over as treasurer and reported in 1950 that collections to local purposes were $700.00 and $250.00 was given to missions with approximately 42 contributors. In 1975 the contributions were up to $2550 and $1600 with 32 known contributors.

It is interesting to note that in 1909 the Minister's salary was $750.00 and "horse keep" was $50.00. In 1975 the Minister's salary was $1875.40 and Travel allowance (car) was $260.00.

Annual reports are distributed at the annual meeting each year and envelopes are available through the treasurer.

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